Band members are notorious for having personality types that belong to the extreme ends of the introversion to extroversion spectrum. Some personify reserved and mysterious creative geniuses, whilst others embody boisterous rockstars intent on drawing as much attention to themselves as possible. Liverpool-based four piece Before Blue pride themselves on being a unique blend of the two, with each personality type working hand in hand to craft their exciting and inquisitive rock sound.
Flying the flag for the introverted camp are guitarist/vocalist George Shuter and drummer Charlie Foster, who teamed up in early 2018 to begin working on material. Seeking to add a much-needed sense of vigour to their sound, they recruited two extroverts in the form of guitarist Ieuan Robson and bassist Panagiotis Belesiotis (affectionately referred to as ‘The Ieuan & Bele Show’) to form the full lineup. The resulting product is a unique fusion of pensive indie rock and brazen pop punk, combining heartfelt and vulnerable lyrical content with larger-than-life guitar sounds. This is effectively represented on their latest two-track release ‘Here’, released on May 10th 2019.
The band are steadily building a highly-engaged following through their unique and innovative use of social media, primarily focusing on Instagram and Twitter to encourage high levels of interaction on a daily basis. They’re currently booking live shows across the UK as well as working on a follow-up to ‘Here’.